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Public liability insurance quote

As an insurance broker which specialises in public liability insurance for all types of trades and professions we realise how time consuming and tedious it can be obtaining a competitive quotation online. For these reasons we have created our own system to provide instant online liability insurance quotes in the UK. Instead of you having to spend hours searching around for the cheapest quote and the best cover you can just sit back and let our quotation system do all the hard work for you!

  • Instant online liability insurance quote
  • Pay online with a credit/debit card for instant cover
  • Pay monthly via direct debit
  • Competitive rates meaning cheap liability insurance
  • Well known insurers for peace of mind
Liability insurance

Public liability insurance

Because we concentrate on public liability insurance we are able to offer very competitive instant online quotes from several insurers at a time. By providing public liability insurance quotes from many insurance companies at once we allow you to pick the best deal, for example sometimes you may find that one insurer is cheaper than another but their excess is higher. For your peace of mind we only deal with well known liability insurers which are authorised and regulated.

Employers liability insurance

If you have any employees then it is a legal requirement to have employers liability insurance, we understand how frustrating it can be filling out multiple forms and making numerous phone calls just to obtain a cheap employers liability quotation which is why we have our own online system in place to provide instant insurance quotations online.

Instant online public liability insurance quote

We realised a niche in the public liability insurance industry, online quotations were a rarity! Many clients had told us that they had spent hours at a time searching for a cheap quotation online but we are happy to be able to provide instant online quotes from several liability insurers at the same time. By using an insurance broker for your liability insurance you can not only save yourself alot of time but also a substantial saving on the premium. We also provide an online quote facility for landlords insurance so if you also let properties we could be the perfect solution for all your insurance needs.

Workers with liability insurance

What does liability insurance cover?

Public liability insurance covers you for any damage you cause to a third parties property during the course of your occupation, for instance if you were a bricklayer and dropped a brick from a height which then caused damage to someones property then you would generally be covered under your liability insurance. As a specialist broker we also provide landlords insurance UK which can benefit those who let properties out in the UK.

A liability policy would also cover you against any injury you cause to a third party during the course of your occupation, for example if you were a roofer and dropped something while working on the roof which then hit a third party down below and injured them then you could be held liable and your public liability insurance policy would come into effect.

What does employers liability insurance cover?

Employers liability insurance covers you for injury, illness or death to anyone you employ. For example if one of your employees was using a ladder you supplied and then fell off and injured themselves and held you liable then your employers liability insurance policy would come into effect.

A second and far more extreme example would be if you were in the roofing business and one of your employees fell from a roof while working under your direction and died then you could possibly be held liable and this highlights the obvious requirement for employers liability insurance which is a prime example of why it has been made into a legal requirement.

Who regulates the insurance industry?

The insurance industry is regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA). You can check to see if an insurer or broker is authorised and regulated via the FCA's website or via telephone. The FCA is in place to protect insurers and consumers and provides excellent financial advice for multiple types of industries. All insurers we deal with for liability insurance and employers liability insurance are authorised and regulated by the appropriate authority meaning you have peace of mind.

How can payment be made for liability insurance?

We understand that every sole trader and business has different requirements and levels of finance which is why we offer several payment methods for your insurance policy. If you want to pay for your insurance annualy then we can accept all major credit or debit cards online and over the telephone. We also accept a cheque for the full premium cost. Some insurers also offer direct debit meaning you can spread the cost of your liability insurance out over the year, usually where the insurer cannot offer direct debit we can offer a monthly payment scheme through a third party credit arranger.

Do I need liability insurance?

Liability insurance is NOT legally compulsory in the UK, however if you have any employees then you must legally have liability for your employees which is known as employers liability insurance. We understand that it can be expensive running a business which is why we search for quotes from a different range of insurers to make sure you pay a low premium and get the cover you actually require, not the most expensive policy which provides cover you don't even need!

Example situations when you would want public liability insurance

If you were a painter and decoration carrying your ladder into the customers property and accidently knocked over an expensive vase with the ladder and the customer held you liable for the cost of repairing or replacing the vase.

If you were a roofer and whilst working up high you accidently dropped a tool which caused injury to a member of the public.

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